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SQL Notebook is a free Windows app for exploring and manipulating tabular data. It is powered by a supercharged SQLite engine, supporting both standard SQL queries and SQL Notebook-specific commands. Everything you need to answer analysis questions about your data, regardless of its format or origin, is built into SQL Notebook.

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Easily import and export data

Annotated screenshot of SQL Notebook's CSV import dialog.

Run quick queries or write sophisticated scripts

SQL Notebook offers two standard user interfaces for entering SQL queries:

Any combination of data sources can be used together in the same SQL query, including cross-file, cross-database, and cross-server queries.

Annotated screenshot of SQL Notebook's console and script interfaces.

Document your work directly in the notebook

User-written documents are stored directly in notebook files alongside your SQL code and data. Standard word processing features are available: fonts, lists, text alignment, and tables. Console and script output can be copied into a note for annotation. By keeping your notes with your code, everything you need will be in one place should you need to revisit some work done in SQL Notebook.

Annotated screenshot of SQL Notebook's note interface.

Use familiar programming constructs

Users with prior SQL or other programming language experience will feel right at home in SQL Notebook. All common programming constructs from other programming languages are available, in addition to standard SQLite queries and commands.

for :i = 1 to 100 begin
    if :i % 3 = 0 and :i % 5 = 0
        print 'FizzBuzz'
    else if :i % 3 = 0
        print 'Fizz'
    else if :i % 5 = 0
        print 'Buzz'
        print :i
        when number % 3 = 0 and number % 5 = 0
            then 'FizzBuzz'
        when number % 3 = 0 then 'Fizz'
        when number % 5 = 0 then 'Buzz'
        else number
from range(1, 100)

Learn more in the documentation:

Access a rich library of built-in functionality

SQL Notebook is a "batteries included" solution to everyday data analysis needs. A wide variety of functionality is immediately available out of the box.

select filename from list_files('C:\') where extension = '.csv';
select * from read_csv('C:\MyData.csv');
import xls 'C:\Workbook.xls' worksheet 'Sheet2' into tbl1;
select year(date_col) as y, month(date_col) as m, day(date_col) as d from tbl1;
print 'Current time: ' || getdate();

Learn more in the documentation:

Extensive application help is just an "F1" away

A fully searchable in-application help system is ready to answer your questions. Press F1 to view the index of help documents, or enter a keyword into the "Search Help" box in the upper-right corner of the SQL Notebook window. Both SQLite and SQL Notebook documentation is included. Every available statement and function is documented. The documentation is also available online.

It's free!

SQL Notebook is free and open source software available under the popular MIT license.

Download and install SQL Notebook now!